My name is Maria YP, a 26-Year old Front End Engineer passionate about Design, Photography and Fashion.


Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Current Location

Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Informatics Engineering in Duta Wacana University

Working as

Front End Engineer at Varnion Semesta

Once upon a time in Yogyakarta

I took Informatics Engineering College in 2008 and graduated at 2012. Though my first year GPA wasn't that good, I was able to break the wall of my "engineering-class-syllabus-surprise" in my second's year. After I took the website development class, I finally got the "Live can get much better" feeling.
Website Development divided into many areas, I concern in User Interface Design, and Front-End web development. I've mentioned before that I curently learn about User Experience Design and Content Marketing Management. Cause I understand my self for having a better visual IQ than logic IQ, developing my skill in Interface development might suit me more.

Lifetime Achievement

I've living in Indonesia ( Jakarta - Yogyakarta back and forth ) for more than 25 years. This somehow make me bored and really drive my curiosity of how's the feel of living in another country, another language and culture. So, I challenge myself! I have to travel around the world, at least one country a year. Read my latest trip report on my blog.

Things Goes Around Me

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