Hello! My name is Maria.
Front-End Engineer from Yogyakarta, ID.

I sit in front of a computer, planing and developing a website since 2012.

Graduate Class of Software Engineering.

Well, with average GPA ( cause I only pay attention to web development class ), I'll turn your good idea into a product that not only beautiful but also functionable.

A Newbie Freelancer.

4 years working for agents, specialize in developing website, but currently improving my UX and Content Marketing knowledge through tons of books.
UI/UX Development
Website Development
User Testing
24/7 Support

Take a Look at My Behance Account.

I work with a lot of creative team works, they mostly help me out in back-end developing and graphic design. Project explanation detail is on my LinkedIn account.
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Takzo Task Management
( Web Application )
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Takzo Task Management
( Landing Page )
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Thedeerdan Profile
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I'm Ready to be Your Creative Partner.

Let's have a good chit-chat, and see how can I help you.